Tamarind tree

As soon as the school bell rings, children run out of the towering stone building, screaming in delight because it is break time. Few of them run to the swing set, and a long line of children await their turn. The see-saw, merry-go-round, slides are almost always occupied during break. The peeling paint, creaking chains…

Quiet stories

The winding road, with a boulevard of trees looked welcoming. A yellow rain of flowers on either side left a subtle perfume in the air. At the end of this winding road, stood a wondrous piece of architecture- the town’s library. The sandstone building’s arched turquoise blue windows made it stand out. The windows had…

Old picket fence

Cedar planks leaning and coming loose at the ground- they once must have been painted a glowing white that the April sun reflected on. The picket fence now had a duller white peeling off from its surface.

The special kite

It was almost evening and the two sisters were bored. Muma was going to get back home late. They had played kitchen, doctor, detective, scientist, butterfly and housefly and what not. Now they wanted something new. The elder sister who was in charge when muma was out had an idea. She decided to make a…


The artist who had crafted it, had done so in exact imitation of the single blood red rose vine that grew in the garden outside the mansion one spring.  The silver mirror was always spotless, reflecting the embossed wallpaper on the opposite wall. On the dresser there were several items placed neatly, but the most prominent was the dark brown coffer box.

Gummi Bears

They were getting a tad impatient, waiting. Every few minutes the little girl couldn’t help but tug at her muma’s dress and ask when it would arrive.

The desk that spoke

It always stood against a wall in a quiet corner of the house. A dull shade of brown, its top surface was mostly even, except for one shallow dent in the wood. Two drawers in the front, a darker brown had wrought iron ornate pulls. The left side took every ounce of strength to maneuver,…

Apple Orchard

Set against a vibrant yellow background of foliage, the apple trees were huge, their branches bending under the weight of red shiny apples. Green, yellow and brown leaves covered the ground highlighted by thin rays of sunshine through the huge canopy…

Outside the blue door

Mundane everyday scenes sometimes become a major part of life. What lies beyond this little blue door ?

The Meal

It was almost evening. She was frantically running around the house. There was so much left to do and they would be here any minute now. An aroma of rich spices wafted from the kitchen…