Life hacks that remain evergreen

Of everything that make a year worth remembering, it is the lessons that serve as stepping stones to becoming who we are meant to be that stay with us longest. 2022 had a few of these that have become the foundation for 2023. Acknowledging things for what they are By default we are always judging…

The Literary Affair- then and now

Few years ago I never thought I should showcase my writing on a blog. A little research online made me consider the idea but I was still not certain. One fine day I was reading and came across a quote that said we should work on ideas that come to us immediately, or at least…

Nothing but still something

An ink stained desk, a drawer that is stuck

A shelf with the Chartered Accountant’s neatly stacked files, and his granddaughter’s picture

A singer from the 70’s singing softly in the background while a mother hums in the kitchen…

A moment for a story

I thought about you today and it made me smile that you could be watching over me from somewhere.

Every moment tells us: memento mori

The Odyssey Of Your Life

I’ve heard that life is a metaphor
you don’t need to decode it
just live through it like art
raw and real
through mistakes and lessons
but full of colour.

When we dare to tell a story

Recently I was going through a few journals that I’ve kept stacked up in a shelf. Some are used, some unused. Several of them had poems that I’d just begun, sketches that I never went back to, stories and thoughts, all half finished.But as I saw them, I remembered the emotions that were involved when…

The Corridor

The corridor seems endless. She’s been here before. In fact she’s been here several times. It feels so familiar yet so strange. She feel detached and drawn at the same time. Does it make sense, she wonders. One moment bright afternoon sunshine lights up the corridor and the mosaic chipped tiles. The round steel rails…

Finding Bliss

There is something about home, don’t you think? It is a familiar feeling. The familiar feeling of the creaking iron gate, the crunch of dry leaves and the lopsided garden chair sitting on the perfect spot on the lawn, just right to view the evening sunset. The climbing flowers have grown from since you saw…

A whiff of April

The frost begins to melt away and the fog makes way for clear blue skies. Puffy white clouds emerge and a radiant yellow sun smiles its best smile. Roses, jasmine and bougainvillea bloom like they’ve never before, The breeze is warm and the afternoons sultry. The ice and gloom has drifted away to make room…