Inside paati’s kitchen

A flavoursome aroma would always waft across the hallway from paati’s (grandma’s) kitchen, drawing me like a magnet to see what’s cooking. I would peer through the sheer curtains and look with curious eyes. She’d turn around with her radiant smile knowing I was up for some tasting. She’d let me scrape off milk toffee…

Searching art

Art in its truest form is unexpected, many times a result of beautiful serendipity. It follows no rules. Art is wild and free. Art is found in memories, in stories, in mundane everyday things.

Red Velvet speaks

The aquamarine blue- a heaven under the waters is studded with all the colours that ever existed in the universe. Serene and placid, it is always brimming in vibrancy. Thousands of different kinds of corals thriving in colonies form the architecture and life source of my city.

When the sky turned ominous

The stillness was uncanny. Not a leaf stirred, the forest it seemed was stunned under a spell. Moments passed like hours as a dark, dense blanket far above the trees gathered. With a loud clap of thunder breaking the eerie silence, it split open and large drops hastened down the canopy in a deluge. A…


It was almost as if I was looking out into a different world, where everything moved in some magical symphony, something that was an epitome of simplicity yet extremely hard to truly capture.


They are mostly hidden away between pages of books and sheets of white paper stashed in shelves, maybe never opened again, forgotten for a while. The green from the leaves begin to turn yellow, the petals from crimson roses turn a mulberry red. The pearl white petals turn a powdery peach as they lay still…

Books- The dreams you hold and step into…

The last day of school before any kind of vacation was when I would eagerly wait at the library with my card. Ten books- that was the maximum number we were allowed to borrow for vacation….

The thoughts of an October breeze

The midnight sky was a blanket over me. My eyes searched and found only endless space and a scattering of stars adorning the ink blue. The cool October breeze graced the night with its gentleness . Long needles of grass swayed in symphony, forming a perfect silhouette against the night. I took a deep breath…

When life gives you wheels, rock n’ roll!

“It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities” is a quote by J. K. Rowling that holds so much meaning to me. If you think about it, we are the choices we make every single moment, aren’t we? We may not have much say in choosing what…

Types Of People During Lockdown

Disclaimer- By reading this post, you are subject to certain risks. Any resemblance you may find to the characters mentioned are intentional, but meant for entertainment purposes only. Tread carefully, you might find your clone 😛