The artist who had crafted it, had done so in exact imitation of the single blood red rose vine that grew in the garden outside the mansion one spring.  The silver mirror was always spotless, reflecting the embossed wallpaper on the opposite wall. On the dresser there were several items placed neatly, but the most prominent was the dark brown coffer box.

Hold that cup

Hold that cup and take a deep breath. You’ve come a long way through endless days and nights Through a million questions and self-doubt Struggling through challenges you couldn’t possibly imagine So, hold that cup, take a deep breath.

Gummi Bears

They were getting a tad impatient, waiting. Every few minutes the little girl couldn’t help but tug at her muma’s dress and ask when it would arrive.


It was almost as if I was looking out into a different world, where everything moved in some magical symphony, something that was an epitome of simplicity yet extremely hard to truly capture.

Eucalyptus dream

Bits of the sky peek through the leaves, the distant leaves that look like a myriad of green specks. The top almost pierces the clouds, and disappears behind them. I wonder what lies beyond. The spectacular narrow leaves point sharply downwards with a boldness that leaves me stunned. It is resilient through different seasons, even…


They are mostly hidden away between pages of books and sheets of white paper stashed in shelves, maybe never opened again, forgotten for a while. The green from the leaves begin to turn yellow, the petals from crimson roses turn a mulberry red. The pearl white petals turn a powdery peach as they lay still…

Beam of Life

Through the silvery curtains, it finds its way into the room.Golden and bright, it is focused and does not quiver.Gently caressing the little plants on the window,Making the lettering of the books on the shelf stand out;Adds a new glow to the paintings propped.The orbs of fairy lights cascading on one side glitter,Casting dancing shadows…

Apple Orchard

Set against a vibrant yellow background of foliage, the apple trees were huge, their branches bending under the weight of red shiny apples. Green, yellow and brown leaves covered the ground highlighted by thin rays of sunshine through the huge canopy…