Old picket fence

Cedar planks leaning and coming loose at the ground- they once must have been painted a glowing white that the April sun reflected on. The picket fence now had a duller white peeling off from its surface.

When the sky turned ominous

The stillness was uncanny. Not a leaf stirred, the forest it seemed was stunned under a spell. Moments passed like hours as a dark, dense blanket far above the trees gathered. With a loud clap of thunder breaking the eerie silence, it split open and large drops hastened down the canopy in a deluge. A…

The desk that spoke

It always stood against a wall in a quiet corner of the house. A dull shade of brown, its top surface was mostly even, except for one shallow dent in the wood. Two drawers in the front, a darker brown had wrought iron ornate pulls. The left side took every ounce of strength to maneuver,…


They are mostly hidden away between pages of books and sheets of white paper stashed in shelves, maybe never opened again, forgotten for a while. The green from the leaves begin to turn yellow, the petals from crimson roses turn a mulberry red. The pearl white petals turn a powdery peach as they lay still…

Apple Orchard

Set against a vibrant yellow background of foliage, the apple trees were huge, their branches bending under the weight of red shiny apples. Green, yellow and brown leaves covered the ground highlighted by thin rays of sunshine through the huge canopy…

Outside the blue door

Mundane everyday scenes sometimes become a major part of life. What lies beyond this little blue door ?


I felt the hot afternoon sun the moment I jumped out of the school bus and skipped down the narrow mud road. The empty water bottle dangled around my neck as I began to walk faster. My black shoes were soiled and dusty and one sock was shorter than the other as always.


The eyes needed to adjust to the dullness of the dingy room. The single window in the corner was dusty and blocked most of the sunlight from entering. The hand searched the uneven, cold wall for a light switch and clicked it on. A pale white light washed over the clutter that was the room….

An Embrace You Can’t Forget

The sky rumbled and the clouds churned. Graying whites and darkening grays, they moved with urgency, steered by the unruly wind. The wind showed his power with every gust, making trees doubt their roots, and dry leaves flit across the air in a frenzy.  The birds flapped their wings with all their might and flew…