Discovering life through Vincent’s eyes

The night skies have never been more beautiful than when you painted them. You knew that those countless stars could never be given justice with random white specks. You knew there were green, yellow and orange orbs glowing in the sky. How long did you gaze at the sky? What did you see? I think…

The purpose of art

Is art about finding the right canvas, vibrant colours, and perfect set of brushes? Is it about the way the easel stands facing the light so you notice every stroke of paint, every dot and splash?

Layers of life

The paint brush hovers over the palette, The palette that has a multitude of colours And then dipping into a deep blue The colour spreads onto the white canvas, dousing it with serenity. A vibrant green of abundance blends into the blue, The hope of a striking yellow sparks a bounty of joy And the…

The misunderstood artist- Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent struggled in obscurity during his life. Paralyzing anxiety and depression sent him spiraling in turmoil and eventually claimed his life at 37 years of age. There are so many questions and misconceptions around the young artist’s life. Many books, movies, and theories attempt to explain Vincent’s artistic ability and the trauma he went through and somehow draw a connection.

The Celestial Master

The invisible hand moves on the vast canvas, Moving the paintbrush with flourish, the Artist creates-