The Corridor


The corridor seems endless.

She’s been here before. In fact she’s been here several times. It feels so familiar yet so strange. She feel detached and drawn at the same time. Does it make sense, she wonders.

One moment bright afternoon sunshine lights up the corridor and the mosaic chipped tiles. The round steel rails are warm and a solitary bird flies across the clear blue.

The next moment a blanket of darkness engulfs the place. A darkness that hangs heavy over the void.

She knows there is something here. That is why it seems so familiar. But what is it? The building seems alive like she’s entered the soul of something. It feels like flesh and blood. Sucking her in every time she goes there. 

It feels surreal.

Is there a mysterious secret that draws her in to the same corridor each time? 

There are rooms. There are many rooms. But she dares not open any.

What if she found something she wasn’t ready to see beyond those doors?

What if she found something that would change who she was?

She just knows something will change when she opens one of those doors.

What would she find behind those doors?

It could be a monster or it could be an empty room. 

But she’ll never know as long as she roams the corridor restlessly.

So tonight, when she falls asleep,

And finds herself standing in front of a door in the corridor

Maybe, just maybe she’ll grip the cold knob and turn it

And see what lies behind the door in the corridor.

The corridor that seems endless.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    Is she shying off from the emotions, sensations that are buried deep in her subconscious for the fear that confronting them would be blasphemous, I wonder? You have stirred quite a storm in the corridors of my mind with this story, I must say.


  2. An interesting prompt Leha. Beautiful lines again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leha says:

      Thanks, Sandhya.


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