Echoes of meaning

An old friend visits every once in a while Over coffee, under a bare sunny sky, or when the world’s asleep we talk. we talk life we talk death An old friend visits every once in a while urging me to question every bit of me quantify what I am and demand an answer to…

Dystopian Dream

The city is painted with lights and coloursThe streets are crowdedThe noise from everyday life dins monotonously.Strangers cross pathsWith no second glancesThe sun rises, and it setsThe night comesBringing with it silhouettesSilhouettes of people, places, things, memories. The world is crowdedThe noise from everyday life dins monotonouslyThere’s an isolation even in the midst of everyone.An…

These chic qualities will always be sexy

While the idea of what’s alluring in a person is subjective, there are certain qualities that have stood the test of time beyond cultural norms, modernity, advancement of technology and yada yada. These qualities never fail to leave an impression. Here are some of my favourites:

Life lessons that led to breakthroughs

It’s been a while since I began noting down every little epiphany, every little lesson, learning that I gather from day to day life. And believe me, it has been so helpful, serving as reminders for when I doubt myself, when I need that little push, or simply when am reflecting. Let’s go! The easiest…

Almost…most of the time

Most of the time I feel alive. I love life and the little beauties that encompass it.Most of the time, the morning sunshine warming my cheeks makes me happyThe creepers curling on my window with new leaves sprouting tell me there is hope. Always. Most of the time I look forward to my morning coffee…

Life hacks that remain evergreen

Of everything that make a year worth remembering, it is the lessons that serve as stepping stones to becoming who we are meant to be that stay with us longest. 2022 had a few of these that have become the foundation for 2023. Acknowledging things for what they are By default we are always judging…

The Literary Affair- then and now

Few years ago I never thought I should showcase my writing on a blog. A little research online made me consider the idea but I was still not certain. One fine day I was reading and came across a quote that said we should work on ideas that come to us immediately, or at least…

Nothing but still something

An ink stained desk, a drawer that is stuck

A shelf with the Chartered Accountant’s neatly stacked files, and his granddaughter’s picture

A singer from the 70’s singing softly in the background while a mother hums in the kitchen…

A moment for a story

I thought about you today and it made me smile that you could be watching over me from somewhere.

Every moment tells us: memento mori

The Odyssey Of Your Life

I’ve heard that life is a metaphor
you don’t need to decode it
just live through it like art
raw and real
through mistakes and lessons
but full of colour.