A slice of life and ek cup chai

Tea has travelled a journey of several centuries, taking different forms, used as a drink of aristocracy rights, as a medicinal herb, for divination and more until today it is a vital beverage found in every household in almost every part of the world- Whether it is Taj Mahal, Brooke Bond, Wagh Bakri, the sought…

Inside paati’s kitchen

A flavoursome aroma would always waft across the hallway from paati’s (grandma’s) kitchen, drawing me like a magnet to see what’s cooking. I would peer through the sheer curtains and look with curious eyes. She’d turn around with her radiant smile knowing I was up for some tasting. She’d let me scrape off milk toffee…

The purpose of art

Is art about finding the right canvas, vibrant colours, and perfect set of brushes? Is it about the way the easel stands facing the light so you notice every stroke of paint, every dot and splash?

The Red Turtle- A silent realization

The Red Turtle, an animated movie without any dialogues is a perfect example of how sometimes words are not needed to send a profound message. The story begins with a man being marooned on an island, pretty much like Castaway or Robinson Crusoe.

How CauseAChatter gave more meaning to my blogging

When we began the Blogging With A Purpose track at Blogchatter, our intent was for us as content creators to give our blog a valuable purpose. We could have a niche blog or a blog that covers multiple topics, but at the end of the day, the journey feels wholesome when we are able to…

You’ve got to stop and gaze at The Color Purple

Purple signifies grandeur, independence, creativity and magic- just like the women characters in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.  The moment I began to read it, I felt like I’ve stepped into the diary of the protagonist Celie- a diary in which she writes heart wrenching letters to God.

Curious and curiouser cartoon conspiracy theories

There’s no arguing that the 80s and 90s had some of the best cartoons ever. The creative sketches, the incredible storylines, hilarious punchlines and ingenious plots- all made them iconic and were our favourite companions along with evening snacks after school, weekends or rerun marathons during summer vacations. I still remember my sister’s annoyance as…

Searching art

Art in its truest form is unexpected, many times a result of beautiful serendipity. It follows no rules. Art is wild and free. Art is found in memories, in stories, in mundane everyday things.


The sun is bright and harsh Searing through the vast sky Onto deserted roads And empty boulevards that once held ringing laughter.

Lost and found- the story of a comeback

During my childhood I spent a lot of time exploring my creative side- whether it was discovering new people or what lies across the world through books, or dancing, participating in sports, playing dress up following instructions from the Childcraft books, which was my Google at that time (I made a pretty good ghost and…