4 fun things my wheelchair can do

Since I am so used to my wheelchair, I hardly noticed how very functional it is. It acts as a storage, a car, a ladder, sabzi (vegetable) basket, a rocking chair, and oh, it also helps me move around. Over the years, I learnt to maneuver it with ease, and also have fun with it. So why not talk a bit about the simple yet quirky stuff my chair can do.

Fancy shopping cart

In case I forget to pick a basket/trolley while shopping, I can always stash the stuff am buying on the sides of my chair and believe me, I can carry a lot of stuff that way. I might come across as a shop lifter to onlookers who don’t know what am doing but let’s not go there.

It can turn into a Transformer

You read right. It can turn into a Transformer at will, especially when my nephew is around. The time he first saw me chair he was so impressed that he asked me if I’d sit elsewhere so he could have it for a while. (eternity) Operating the brakes, trying out a wheelie were some stunts we tried together. I also landed on the floor a few times before I got the wheelie right. Only cinematic background music was missing.

Star in a horror movie

Have you noticed that quite a few horror movies have squeaking wheelchairs moving by themselves in dark corridors, sometimes in sanatoriums or Gothic mansions? After I saw that, I wondered if my chair could do that role well. So I tried pushing it into a corridor to see how it looks. Looked pretty good, but I needed someone to come get the runaway wheelchair back for me. It was a long wait.

Free roller coaster ride- speed demon

I don’t need to go on roller coaster rides anymore. All I need is an empty ground and the wind in my hair (About time I got to use that phrase) and my chair can turn into a speed demon. I used to be scared of roller coasters when I was a kid, and now I can be one if I want to.

Why did I share this? To me, my chair is my strength, I love it for the things it lets me do. To simply put it, everything in life that we may think as hurdles could actually turn out to be an opportunity for adventure.

It is the way we look at things, accept and embrace what we think are ‘flaws’ that gives us the key to living a fulfilling life. And how we embark on a remarkable journey from there is what ultimately matters.

This post is part of My Friend Alexa  by Blogchatter and am happy to be taking my blog to a whole new level with our community!

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  1. To smile, inspire the world with the person we are is a great thing you do and I am happy and proud of you.

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  2. Well said, a hurdle can actually turn into an adventure. Loved the post and the positive vibes.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ninu Nair says:

    Love the post and your spirit! That quote conveys so much positivity, I am glad I came across this post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Leha says:

      Thanks Ninu 🙂


  4. I love your positive outlook here. You’re an inspiration

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  5. Ruchie says:

    I always admire you for your high spirit!!

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  6. It so good to see that you are finding positive side of your problem. I loved the star in horror vies part but I get scared while watching horror movies.

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    1. Leha says:

      thank you 🙂


  7. Great post and attitude! After 55 years of teetering in pain navigating life in my leg braces I can now shop, walk and dance till everyone else drops! My grandchildren love my purple Permobil, aptly named Purple Cush. It has been the best tool for maintaining independence and social engagement. Thanks for helping bring the wheels out of the closet.

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    1. Leha says:

      Hello! Thank you for reading. Love your attitude. Am so glad you found your independence.


  8. Mayuri6 says:

    How did I miss this awesome post? Your superpower is that you have wheels, Leha!
    Never forget that, my lovely supergirl! Also, such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leha says:

      Thank you so much Mayuri 🙂


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