The Secret Niche


I open the door and step inside

This dimension of mine

Walking on this endless road,

I want the journey, not the goal.

I rise, I fall, cry and laugh;

Fight battles that only I know about.

I lose myself in the ocean of words:

Yet that is where I find myself too

I perceive what I see and imagine what I don’t.

Reminiscing as I go, and anticipating  more.

Unbound I am and always will be

When I open the door and step inside

This dimension of mine

Meant just for me.


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  1. Sam says:

    Rise, fall and laugh. Don’t cry poet

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    1. Leha says:

      Haha, we rise when we let ourselves break first


      1. Geoffrey Sundar says:

        “Brokenness” is directly proportional to “Toughness”!!
        Personally, I “strongly” believe that unless a person “truly” experiences Bitter Sadness, one cannot “truly” appreciate Real Happiness!! It’s okay to let ourselves be broken down every now and then, but it’s “totally” upto us if we’re gonna lay down broken (or) pull ourselves together, rise up stronger than ever before & Shine again. 😎

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      2. Leha says:

        I second that!! Well said

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  2. Geoffrey Sundar says:

    The inner resilience… ❤

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