The cool water foams at my feet

Washing the sand back to the sea

I look in the distance the giant orange ball sinking

Casting a subtly queer glow twilight sets in

Not a soul in sight, the solitude is tranquil

I watch as another gentle wave embraces the shore .

There’s something about it that makes my heart crumble and roar.

How easily the sand is washed away

With no traces and marks the shore is smoothed again.

If the same could happen to me

If the sea would send a wave over me

I’d empty my heart with all its heaviness

And send my turmoil to the ocean : fathomless

Then I’d be like the shore I stand on

Without a crease, without a wrinkle

With no scars, a new creation again

If the same would happen to me

If a wave would wash my soul clean..


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