I Remember…


I sauntered down the same path today

Retracing every step we walked, it seems like yesterday

Tugging at your finger  and scrambling

“Race you to the brook!” I began running.

Your laughter rang in my ears

And I watched:  smiling through my tears

“Slow down silly!, ” you scolded

The shine in your kohl lined eyes when you said that made me delighted.

Brushing a strand of your long dark hair aside you looked at me

I’m glad you’re here I said, happiness bursting within me

You were my little universe and you promised to always be

Where are you now .. I haven’t stopped searching, don’t you see?

You were real, you were here.

Or were you just a dream within a dream

That I can no more see ?


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  1. Dr. Geoffrey Sundar says:

    Wake me up when September ends ❤️

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