Where Is The Light…

The darkness engulfed you until you could breathe no more

Everytime you looked around, you only saw a deep sadness

Was it pain, was it hurt, it was more than that, you know

Into the endless abyss you were sucked.

Emptiness was all you felt, and then you felt nothing at all.

Shutting your eyes to the darkness, you sat inside your shell.

Hurting and broken, you were all alone.

Open the eyes of your soul and see how radiant you are.

There’s light around you, shoving the darkness away

Where did it come from, you wonder?

Do you feel the throbbing heart inside your chest?

Feel the warmth of the light coming from within you

You’re not this pain, this sorrow you see around you

You are the only light that drives it all away. You see it now, don’t you?


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Art- Soft Pastels on paper

Where Is The Light…