Just A Little More…

I know you’re tired, but hold on a little longer. 
It looks like your world is falling apart.
But could you hold on, one more moment? 

The darkness is overwhelming, the hurt is overbearing, 
Time is filled with uncertainty and fright.
But please, hold on, just a little more? 
I don’t know when the sun will shine again, 
But I do know that, if you hold on, just a little more,
You’ll see the first ray when it does. 
The ray of sunshine divine will pierce through your heart like bliss
Enlightening every dark corner, making sure nothing is amiss.
And the joy, I tell you, you’re going to feel, when you see that hope is real,
The joy you will feel at that moment, you’ll always remember,
If, you just hold on, please, just one more moment? 

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