Types Of People During Lockdown

Disclaimer- By reading this post, you are subject to certain risks. Any resemblance you may find to the characters mentioned are intentional, but meant for entertainment purposes only. Tread carefully, you might find your clone 😛

We, of course are all part of a huge historical event right now. Somehow the lockdown is bringing out a myriad of qualities in people, some ajibogarib (weird) and some just awesome. So, I just had to write this post, because, well.. why not! The different kind of people you come across during lockdown. Feel free to add on:

  • THE HUMAN KIRANA DUKAN(kirana dukan-grocery store) Ah, the panic buyers. Some of them have a separate room converted into a store for all the groceries, soaps and sanitizers they have bought. Some would last way beyond lockdown I suppose. Crates of soap for a month or two, completely logical, no?
  • THE WHATSAPP VAIDYAS(physician) They come from the distant land of Whatsapp where common sense has not yet reached. Most devoted, they hold a Ph.D in whatsapp vaidya science. (Yes, apparently that is a thing now) They have the latest, original, updated, verified news and remedies as well. Hear that, W.H.O ? Tension nai leneka. (No need to worry). They work hard day and night to scam your phone with forwards, tiktok remedies and lengthy messages that are sent to them from the Government itself. Haan, sacchi.(For real)
  • THE CHAAR DINO KA PYAR WALON– Not being able to go out has taken such a toll on them that they are desperate enough to be an online Romeo/Juliet for 21 days. Their favourite pick up line- “This lockdown is so stressful, will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend, please? It is for my mental health, I ask, you know.” *virtual flying chappals appear*
  • NETFLIX KE LIYE BHUKE– They emerge out of nowhere, you wouldn’t even know they were in your contact list, but they come out now like ninjas, present themselves before you and ask, “Netflix hai kya, password do na.” (Give me the password of your Netflix).
  • THE AGENCIES/ INFLUENCERSContent ki kami nahin haaiin… (No shortage of content). This is the time to be opportunists and create awesome content. Creative flurry it is! When everyone else is complaining about boredom every two seconds, the online influencers are slayin’ it. *makes a mental note to write another post on this.*
  • THE GREAT DEBATERS OF BARTAN DHONA(bartan dhona- washing utensils) While some think of washing vessels as therapeutic, others sob over it. The debate is real, so is the struggle, it can fill up a blog post! “You know, you’ve gotta make the bartan shine, er you missed a spot there…By the end of bartan washing you are supposed to feel whole and fulfilled.” *rolling pin comes flying at me*

Sooo, which one or ones* are you? I am the one who believes anything can be turned into content and I panic bought three packets of maggi family pack. Lo, bol diya, ab khush? (There, I said it, now happy?)

P.S- I like bartan dhona. Don’t unsubscribe.


I am watching you so I can write about you 😛

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ritecontent says:

    Tongue in cheek and as funny as ever! Nailed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mayuri6 says:

      I will have to choose Bartan Dhona, I wash them with the tears I shed over washing them 🤣

      Loved the post, Leha. I know one of every kind you mentioned!


      1. Leha says:

        Wash them with tears 🤣 Epic


    2. Leha says:

      Thank you Brinda 😁


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