Juniper breeze

The breeze is young, and the glades of grass sway together The fiery globe suspended in the sky throws a wash of soft orange onto the vast field.

Hold that cup

Hold that cup and take a deep breath. You’ve come a long way through endless days and nights Through a million questions and self-doubt Struggling through challenges you couldn’t possibly imagine So, hold that cup, take a deep breath.

Eucalyptus dream

Bits of the sky peek through the leaves, the distant leaves that look like a myriad of green specks. The top almost pierces the clouds, and disappears behind them. I wonder what lies beyond. The spectacular narrow leaves point sharply downwards with a boldness that leaves me stunned. It is resilient through different seasons, even…

Beam of Life

Through the silvery curtains, it finds its way into the room.Golden and bright, it is focused and does not quiver.Gently caressing the little plants on the window,Making the lettering of the books on the shelf stand out;Adds a new glow to the paintings propped.The orbs of fairy lights cascading on one side glitter,Casting dancing shadows…

Solitary Butterfly

Solitary butterfly flitting by
In the garden, and amongst the trees
Hovering over honey suckles, daisies and lilies she does fly
Solitary butterfly likes to dance with the breeze.

Where Is The Light…

The darkness engulfed you until you could breathe no more Everytime you looked around, you only saw a deep sadness Was it pain, was it hurt, it was more than that, you know Into the endless abyss you were sucked. Emptiness was all you felt, and then you felt nothing at all. Shutting your eyes…

The Celestial Master

The invisible hand moves on the vast canvas, Moving the paintbrush with flourish, the Artist creates-

Shall I Write?

Today I thought about what I should write Shall I write about the morning rays dancing through my window panes? Or about the little plant sprouting in the pot by the ledge?