Each time you pick up your pen and only truth flows out Each time you let your paint brush reflect your soul on the canvas

Layers of life

The paint brush hovers over the palette, The palette that has a multitude of colours And then dipping into a deep blue The colour spreads onto the white canvas, dousing it with serenity. A vibrant green of abundance blends into the blue, The hope of a striking yellow sparks a bounty of joy And the…

Juniper breeze

The breeze is young, and the glades of grass sway together The fiery globe suspended in the sky throws a wash of soft orange onto the vast field.

Sylvia Plath and how mental illness is romanticized

Her poetry has seeped into all forms of culture and you just cannot talk poetry without mentioning Sylvia Plath. But in what way? The circumstances of her death opened doors to misinterpretation of her life…

When you choose courage

When the dark cloud looms above your head casting a shadow and you choose to see the thin silver line that frames it, you show courage. When those big drops of rain drench you completely, and yet you choose to see the rainbow after, you show courage. When the flowers you watered crumble in your…

Solitary Butterfly

Solitary butterfly flitting by
In the garden, and amongst the trees
Hovering over honey suckles, daisies and lilies she does fly
Solitary butterfly likes to dance with the breeze.

You choose your sky- Aisha Chaudhary’s ‘My Little Epiphanies’

Your sky is where the magic is. While troubles are part of everybody’s life, some of us choose to create beauty through them, Aisha Chaudhary was one of those people.Reading through her poetry and thoughts I was reminded of another bold girl who spoke her heart, Anne Frank. I was introduced to Anne Frank when…

The Celestial Master

The invisible hand moves on the vast canvas, Moving the paintbrush with flourish, the Artist creates-