Kissed By Joy

I happened to touch Joy today- In my dream or a vision I cannot say But I felt Joy to its fullest, Unlike anything I’ve experienced Joy came over me like a wind, Swept me off of my feet in a blink I feel like a feather lilting across the sky; Catching the silver rays…


Everything that’s done in love is done well- Vincent Van Gogh There used to be in my garden a bed of Irises Bluish hues they painted random speckles against the green and brown

When She Broke…

When she broke she shattered into a million pieces and fell to the ground.She lay scattered all around.

I Remember…

I sauntered down the same path today Retracing every step we walked, it seems like yesterday Tugging at your finger  and scrambling “Race you to the brook!” I began running. Your laughter rang in my ears


The cool water foams at my feet Washing the sand back to the sea I look in the distance the giant orange ball sinking Casting a subtly queer glow twilight sets in

The Clouds’ Tale

Look at the clouds, they tell a story Of untold woes and songs of glory. Woes always hidden, never seen;

Let It

Let your thoughts flow Let your wisdom grow