The purpose of art

Is art about finding the right canvas, vibrant colours, and perfect set of brushes? Is it about the way the easel stands facing the light so you notice every stroke of paint, every dot and splash?

When words sustained us

“Experience your pain. Embrace your silence. When the time feels right, find your way back to your words — and write.”― Sandra Marinella When life seems like a walk uphill, we need all the energy we can muster to make that climb. Hope gives us that energy. But what if you begin to lose your grip…

Shall I Write?

Today I thought about what I should write Shall I write about the morning rays dancing through my window panes? Or about the little plant sprouting in the pot by the ledge?

An Embrace You Can’t Forget

The sky rumbled and the clouds churned. Graying whites and darkening grays, they moved with urgency, steered by the unruly wind. The wind showed his power with every gust, making trees doubt their roots, and dry leaves flit across the air in a frenzy.  The birds flapped their wings with all their might and flew…

Kissed By Joy

I happened to touch Joy today- In my dream or a vision I cannot say But I felt Joy to its fullest, Unlike anything I’ve experienced Joy came over me like a wind, Swept me off of my feet in a blink I feel like a feather lilting across the sky; Catching the silver rays…


Everything that’s done in love is done well- Vincent Van Gogh There used to be in my garden a bed of Irises Bluish hues they painted random speckles against the green and brown

Sanctum Between Pages…

Some books you read, some books you enjoy, but some books just swallow up your heart and soul.

I Remember…

I sauntered down the same path today Retracing every step we walked, it seems like yesterday Tugging at your finger  and scrambling “Race you to the brook!” I began running. Your laughter rang in my ears

The Clouds’ Tale

Look at the clouds, they tell a story Of untold woes and songs of glory. Woes always hidden, never seen;


“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.”   The Bell Jar is an unusual novel bottled with every emotion you can think of.